Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where Do You Find God?

I've just begun to read An Altar in the World by B. B. Taylor. And since I'm on vacation I've been getting up earlier to be alone to read some of my favorite blogs. This morning they've all got "me" to thinking about where "I" find God, or rather, where He finds me.
As Murphy and I were walking in the cool, dampness of the early morning in the light of the street lamps I knew God was there. He was in the mist, he was in the wet sidewalk, he was in Murphy with his tail held high, he was in each house I walked by, and he was in me as I walked about town.
So many times we think that the only place we can find God is in church. And I think that's sad because we miss so much of Him then. But then I begin to wonder, "What do we do with Him outside of the structure where we go to worship Him?"
And that's another thing for all of us to contemplate. If God's not only in "church" but He's also in everything surrounding us then what do we do then? How do we worship? How do we live our lives? What do we do with our time? It really brings things into a whole new perspective doesn't it.
I read a blog this morning about the music that get stuck in our heads and we can't get rid of the tune until we pass it on to someone else. That could be God. We want to make God a physical being we can see and touch and lay our hands on as well as get our heads around but God is bigger than that. He is in the song that gets stuck in our heads. He's even in the buzzing that has taken up residence in our ears.
So friends, where do you find God outside of "church?" I'd be interested in hearing.
Friends, God loves you and so do I. Don't forget Great Plains Presbyterian Pilgrimage #6, October 15-18 at Camp Calvin Crest on the beautiful banks of the Platte River just south of Fremont, NE. God is also there. This is an open invitation to all who are wanting to enter into a relationship with God that is more than Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. Enjoy the day God has blessed us with.

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