Monday, January 6, 2014

Light...and Joy

Light and joy, these two just seem to go together like chocolate and almonds, like ice cream and Hersey’s chocolate syrup.
John begins his gospel by going way back before the beginning of time, the time when there was chaos, a time when the Word and God were one and through the Word and God all things came into being.
In the Word was life and in that life was the light that drove back the darkness. It was light that no amount of darkness could overcome, not even the blackest dead star in the universe. This Light was the creator of that star that died but still lived in the darkness…and this Light could restore that star to life.
The Light of the World, the Word, brings joy to a dark and dismal world, much like new babies make those holding them radiate joy. The Light of the World finds the chink in the darkness and breaks through and fills the void with light.
The One who was the Light became flesh, became human, and lived among us. John came to testify to the Light and then to decrease so the Light could increase. 
Think of John as the summer solstice, the longest day of the year with the most light. After that day the amount of daylight decreases until the winter solstice, the time when we celebrate and remember the birth of the Light and from that day on the Light begins to increase as Christ’s ministry increased.
John testified about the One who would surpass him, the One who would increase as John’s ministry decreased.
On this day of bitter cold our hope is that as the days lengthen the rays of light will strengthen and the land will come alive with the warmth and power received from the light.
May the Light of Jesus Christ that streams from heaven make us come alive with the grace and power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. May it be so.

Thanks be to God for sending the Light into the world. Amen.