Monday, May 5, 2014

Open Hearts, Open Doors

Two disciples walking down the road, talking about the events of the last few days in Jerusalem. Mysteriously, another person joined them and asked, “What is this you’re so intently discussing?”
They couldn’t believe there was anyone who hadn’t heard about the crucifixion of their friend, Jesus. So, they told what they’d witnessed and what their friends had found when they went to the grave where the body had been placed.
In their hearts they knew that Jesus was the Messiah, the Christ, the One all Israel had been waiting for. Then, their dreams were dashed to the ground, broken like a wine goblet tossed into a stone hearth. They were grieving for their friend because they’d hoped beyond all hope that he would be the One who would save them from the oppression of the Romans.
This one who was walking with them began to teach them the lessons from their own Hebrew Bible, stories from Moses clear up through the Prophets. With all that they still didn’t recognize the One they were grieving.
When they arrived at their home they invited Jesus to come in and eat with them, still not recognizing Him for who he was. So, he sat down with them and just like he’d done at the Passover meal a few days ago he took the bread, blessed and broke and gave it to them. When they took the bread a light came on! This is exactly what they’d witnessed in the upper room with the others! This was Jesus! They knew for the first time that he was truly alive!
They ran back to Jerusalem to tell the Eleven what had happened. Can you imagine how excited, how out of breath they must have been when they opened the door and told everyone what had happened…and then they found out that Jesus had also appeared to Peter! That corroborated what they knew. Jesus was alive!
Today we will celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper and we will remember. Jesus is with us and we may very well feel our hearts burning with his love and peace.
Then, what’s next? Will we have the same excitement to share this good news with others?  Will this good news open any other doors for people who wouldn’t ordinarily come to worship with us?
As we eat this bread and drink the juice and remember Jesus may we, every time we eat and drink this coming week remember…and be filled with God’s love and grace and peace. May every meal we share with family and friends and strangers be a time for us to celebrate the joy of being in the presence of the risen Lord Jesus.

Thanks be to God for his grace and peace. Amen.

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