Monday, July 25, 2011

God's Kingdom

Did you notice how every one of Jesus stories begin? They each start with, “God’s kingdom is like…”, a pine nut (mustard seed), yeast, a hidden treasure, a perfect pearl, and a fishnet.

What about God’s kingdom as a seed? Could it be Jesus was that tiny seed? Could Jesus have been the beginning of God’s kingdom here on earth? Is it possible that God’s kingdom has grown to such proportions since the Seed was planted that it can now accommodate all of us and many more we don’t even know about?

Or what about the kingdom of God being like fresh yeast that a woman uses to energize enough bread dough to feed thousands? Is it possible that just a pinch of God’s kingdom is more than enough to energize the Body of Christ to accomplish more than we can begin to imagine? Could it be that God’s churches only need just a small measure of God’s kingdom to expand enough to feed thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands; could it be?

And/or has God’s kingdom been hidden here just waiting to be discovered by one trespassing treasure hunter? Has God’s kingdom been here right under our noses just waiting for one of us to find the greatest treasure? Could that be what Jesus was saying?

Or, or maybe it’s and, could it be that God’s kingdom is like that gemologist who is always on the hunt for the perfect gem. Now here’s where I wonder if I’ve got it right. What if God’s kingdom is looking for perfect gems to add to God’s collection? Would God sell or give up everything to buy us? Oh, that’s right he already has! Jesus gave his all for us so we could be part of this kingdom.

Now here’s a part that I like and some folks just can’t imagine this. God’s kingdom is like a huge fishnet thrown out over this humungous mass of humanity. The kingdom net is so enormous that an unbelievable variety of folks are trapped in it. And then God’s angels have the task of sorting the good fish from the bad fish. Of course Jesus says that this won’t happen until the end of time. In the meantime the good fish and bad fish are living together in the same sea.

I hope the angels get earplugs from God because Jesus says there’ll be lot of complaining. Can’t you just hear the carping and whining? And how will they be able to tell a good fish from a bad fish? Oh, I hope we’re good fish!

So, the question is, do we get this? Do we understand what Jesus is saying here? I hope so.
If our answer is “yes” then every disciple is like the owner of the store and everything we need is there, exactly when and where we need it.

Friends, the Good News is that God’s kingdom is here, right here, right now. And it’s like each of these examples Jesus told us about. Are we listening? Do we understand the Message? I hope so.

God loved us enough to send his Son to us, to live with us and to teach us, to be an example for us. He died for us and defeated death for us leaving us with the promise of eternal life. All we have to do is listen and have faith and keep trying to live like Jesus. Oh, and remember that God loves us and only asks us to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.

That’s the Good News! Thanks be to God. Amen.

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