Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Would You Ask God For?

If you had been in Solomon’s place what do you think you would have asked God for? If you had been the his age, a teenager actually, do you think you would have asked God for “wisdom?” I don’t think it would have entered my mind. But then I’ve never thought of myself as Solomon.
Let’s put ourselves in Solomon’s place and think for a moment about what we would ask God for if he spoke to us in a vision like he did to Solomon. Some of us have lived a few decades and so have more life experiences to draw from than others gathered here today so those who are more senior may have an advantage of our less experienced in life members.
Solomon asked God for a God-listening heart so he could lead God’s people well, discerning the difference between good and evil (1 Kings 3:9). Did Solomon know what to ask God for because he had lived in David’s presence so long that God was a personal friend he talked with? I don’t know but he did have the advantage of growing up in the royal household and had the advantage of being instructed by the best scholars of his time. At any rate he was very astute in answering God. I’m afraid I might stutter and stammer quite a bit if asked the same question.
Friends, God is speaking to you today in the Word. What have you heard him say to you and how will you respond? Solomon asked God to bless him with a heart that was tuned to God, Paul wrote to the people of Ephesus and told them make the most of every chance God gave them and to sing songs to Christ from their hearts, sing praises for everything. In the gospel of John Jesus tells us that he is the Bread of Life and if we include him in our normal diet we will live forever. And not to leave the psalmist out, he praises God for everything with everything he has. Everything from God is a gift, a blessing, never out of date, never poor quality, lasting forever. God has paid the ransom for all of us and this good life begins in our reverence of God, the fear of the Lord.
You may not have ever asked God for anything specific or you may have asked him for many things but they weren’t like what Solomon asked for. But today, God is offering you whatever you desire, what will you ask him for? What’s the most important thing for you to receive from God?
Every one of us is different and we’re all at different points in our lives and in our walk with the Lord so of course we may need different things from God. But what is your heart yearning for today that you know only God can give you?
Friend, take the time right now and make your thoughts known to God. I know he is listening and he wants to hear you put into words your deepest desires. Let him know what you need.
Jesus wants us to be filled with him inside and out. He wants us to take our nourishment from him by being in his Word. You may not have considered eating the Word but that’s what Jesus is asking us to do. Take the Bread of Life, Jesus, into our very souls and be filled and nourished by him. And then, friends, whatever you need for the work God has for you will be given to you.
Quite a few people in the last weeks have gone away from home on trips for work or vacation and what’s the first thing they need to do when the get home? No, it’s not the laundry! They need to replenish their pantries. Most of them don’t have any bread or milk or eggs. Friends, aren’t these the basic necessities for us to have in our kitchens? You can’t make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich without bread. Nutritionists tell us that bread should make up a large percentage of our diets. The vitamins and minerals and the fiber are things our bodies need. And we’re so used to having these things in our kitchens that we never think about them as the staff of our lives.
Do we think of God and Jesus in the same way? Have we become so complacent to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that we don’t understand the importance of having daily communion with them? Have we quit asking God for the things we need?
What do you want from God today? What would you like Jesus to give you today? How is God’s Spirit talking to your heart today?
Right now, right where you’re at, ask God for what your heart is aching for. Don’t wait until you get home. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Do it right now.
If you haven’t asked the Bread of Life to take up residence in your heart now is the time to do that. If you have let your relationship with God slip today is the day to let him know you need him. Just open the door of your heart.
What do you need today, bread, peace, forgiveness? Whatever it is, ask. God is waiting to hear from you today.

Friends, God loves you and so do I. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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