Monday, July 7, 2008

Have You Heard Jesus?

Hey folks. Have you seen and heard about this man called Jesus? He’s been travelling all over. Right now he’s hitting all the cities in Galilee.
Not long ago I went out into the wilderness to hear another fella some called the Baptizer. When I got to the Jordan River there he was out in the middle of it raising cane and telling everyone to repent and be baptized. He was the strangest looking character. He was wearing animal’s skins and he lived on a diet of wild honey and locusts. Yuk!! I heard him say that he wasn’t the Messiah as some thought but he did tell us that one was coming who was mightier than him. Someone he was even good enough to tie his sandals.
John’s been arrested. You knew that didn’t you? Yep, that’s righet. Herod had him arrested for giving him a bad time about his new wife. John never was afraid of a confrontation, especially if he knew it was against God’s law.
So today some of John’s disciples came asking Jesus if he was the one everyone was waiting for or should they expect someone else. Jesus told them to go back and tell John what Jesus was doing as he travelled among the people. Surely you have all heard about the healing, casting out demons and curing sick people, haven’t you?
Jesus told all of us there that John the Baptizer was indeed a great prophet; in fact, if we were willing to accept it, he said he was the prophet Elijah who was to come. Can you believe it, the Prophet Elijah?
I can’t believe you haven’t heard him speak yet. He’s really been coming down hard on the religious leaders. You know the ones who know all that great theology stuff and can pray really long prayers and keep all the commandments all the time. He compared them to little children. Can you believe it, little children, the Pharisees? I can’t believe he said that. And they just took it. I think they’re just waiting for the right time. Just you wait. I bet they find a way to get back at him.
You know, you’d think that Jesus would’ve stopped there but nope, he went on to tell them that two of the most sinful cities around, Tyre and Sidon, would have repented quicker if they had witnessed the miracles that he had done. You know none of the cities that Jesus had visited has changed one bit even though he’s taught as one with authority and he’s healed all sorts of people, even cast out demons. Nobody has seen anything like it before but they still don’t believe that he could be from God.
I don’t know about you but I think he’s the One. I mean, how else would you explain everything he’s done and everything he’s taught. He even brought a young girl back to life that had died. Now who could do that if God hadn’t authorized him?
I can’t believe you haven’t heard him speak. Everybody’s talking about the things he teaches and all the miracles he done. Are you sure you haven’t heard of Jesus?
I heard him say the other day if we would just come to him he would give us rest. Let me tell you, I’m ready for a rest. I mean I worked all day yesterday putting up gutters and all I got for it was a beef burrito, a Diet Pepsi and a sunburn. And I’m still tired.
He says we can put on his yoke and learn from him. I’m not sure this tired old brain can learn anymore but he assures us that he is gentle and humble in heart. And we’ll find rest for our souls. You know that sounds really good. I’m so worn out I believe my soul could use a rest.
I think I’m going to see if what he says is true. I’m going to check it out. I want to see if all the hype I’ve been hearing is right. I can’t imagine a yoke being easy. Have you seen those wooden contraptions? They sure aren’t made of feathers. I know my burdens have never been light. If you only knew half the work I have to do.
I do hope you get to see Jesus work a miracle or two and hear him speak. I don’t know where he got all his wisdom if not from God. But I tell you he really knows how to tell a story so it all makes sense. I’m really beginning to believe God loves me even though I’ve never been able to keep all those rules the Pharisees say we have to follow.
I’m telling everyone I know that they should come out to hear him speak. I think he may be the Messiah. Really! Just mark my words.
Well I’ve really got to go. No rest for the wicked you know. Just remember the name Jesus. I’m sure you’ll being hearing more about him. He’s gathering quite a following.
In fact you may want to check back next week. I hear he’ll be teaching in the synagogue in Capernaum. Go check it out for yourselves. I think you’ll understand what I’ve been telling you.
May God’s grace and peace follow you as you journey in your search for rest and comfort for your soul. Shalom.

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