Monday, March 10, 2008

I haven't posted for awhile since I'm not quite sure what I want to say. I suppose there are quite a few folks like that.

Today I have spent my morning getting things ready for Holy Week. Peace UCC and First Pres are doing a joint Good Friday service and I got the order of worship put together and printed for Gail to review. We are using different props in the service as symbols representing the cross, the crown, the nails, etc. Some of these will be passed around to those in the congregation so that they can feel and see the nails, the cloth, and the rough wood of the cross. They will then have time to meditate on the scripture, the songs, and the symbols.

So many of us never think about the pain and the agony that Jesus suffered before he was nailed on the cross and after. I don't think most of us can even imagine what kind of pain he experienced.

This Sunday we will be waving palm branches and the children will march around the sanctuary waving the fronds and shouting, hallelujah. And from there we will celebrate the Passover meal Jesus had with his friends, the disciples and his apostles. Then comes Good Friday the time when we remember Jesus' last moments before he died.

There is a 7 foot rough wooden cross standing in the front of the church at the end of the aisle. People walking around it have to watch so they don't hit their heads on the cross arms. It is kind of an inconvenience to have it there, but hasn't the cross always been somewhat of an inconvenience for some inside and outside the church? So we put a hand out and lay it on the cross so we don't hurt ourselves. I believe there is some symbolism to that.

Sometimes we don't what to do with the cross. Should we wear our crosses outside our clothes so people can be reminded or should we keep them hid underneath our shirts and blouses. Personally I keep my small cross next to my chest but on Sunday I wear my cross made from nails to remind me and others of Jesus' suffering.

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